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Design is Everywhere. It’s an integral part of our lives, and often goes unnoticed. The most common products and services invisibly integrate themselves into our lives in a helpful, intuitive, and human-centred way. If we focus on using a design-based approach to solve some of Detroit’s most pressing issues today, the possibility for Detroit’s residence to live in a sustainable and equitable future are endless.

The 2017 Detroit Design Festival wants to show how design in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and the products and services we use everyday can impact the way society functions and the way people experience the world around them.



The Detroit Detroit Design Festival is programmed by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3)

DC3 is an economic development organization that works to strengthen Detroit’s creative economy and connect people to it. DC3 provides services to creative businesses and designers, offers widespread opportunities to engage with Detroit’s creative sectors, and champions Detroit’s creative economy. DC3 is a partnership between Business Leaders for Michigan and College for Creative Studies.

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